Today’s Card 0 The Cat

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Date: Mar 1, 2019, 05:49

Today’s Card
0 • The Cat
Would you like to walk the Way of the Cat? The first step is to be fully present exactly where you are, right now. Ask yourself what would make you happy, and then welcome the opportunities that follow. Your nose will lead you toward your bliss if you let it. Open your eyes to beauty. Awaken your spirit to wonder.

Reversed… A life that is purely serendipitous can be a difficult one, even a foolish one. Too much wandering can leave you clanless and lonely, in later years especially. Living in the moment isn’t an excuse for carelessness or irresponsibility. Keep your paws on the ground.

Posted using Mystical Cats Tarot app for iPhone & iPad,


穴場的アプリの Lo Scarabeo Tarot Collection

Lo Scarabeo Tarot Collection by The Fool’s Dog は 無料アプリなのに、フルセットの Universal Tarot と Universal Marseilles Tarot が使える!


同じく無料の The Fool’s Dog Sampler と違って、こっちは本格的タロットリーディングができる穴場的アプリです。

Q: タロットに適した時刻は?

A: 本人の気持ち次第。シルバーバーチ派スピリチュアリズム的には、霊界側から見ればいつ祈られても同じことなので、祈るのに適した時刻は特にないということになります。いつ祈っても通じます。地上界の都合で丑三つ時が集中しやすくていいとされていますが、丑三つ時は霊界側の都合ではありません。丑三つ時にタロットなど降霊ごとをすると低級霊を呼び寄せやすく、むしろよくない時刻とも言えますが、丑三つ時に低級霊が増えるわけではないので、問題ないとも言えるのです。低級霊を引き寄せる要因は時刻ではなく本人の波動の低さです。


— マグスの呪文



マグス Magus にとって、家事のすべてのすみずみまでがマギック Magick の実践です。


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  • body-mind-spirit
  • what do i meed to examine in my life
  • mostly sunny 9 degree
  • physical good
  • mental low
  • emotion sad
  • sun sagittarius
  • moon leo

Crowley’s Note for Keeping Magickal Diary

About Magickal Diary:

  • It is absolutely necessary that all experiments should be recorded in detail.
  • The time, place and the state of the weather must be noted.
  • It is highly important to note the physical and mental condition.
  • The emotions should be noted, as being some of the conditions.
  • Use your own intelligence, and not to rely upon any other person.
  • Write intelligently prepared so that others may benefit from its study.
  • The more scientific the record is the better.